Case Studies

Case study 1

Music City Yoga Festival is a very successful and growing annual celebration of yoga in Nashville area. Proceeds from participation and merch sales at the festival not only supports the very active non-profit SMALL WORLD YOGA, but also allows the growing yoga community to take an all day series of mini-classes with some of Nashville's most amazing yoga instructors representing a variety of yoga styles.


When we began our discussion of what NBCo. might be able to do to help with the 2015 festival it was clear that a few priorities had to be met. They were committed to quality, appropriate apparel and merch that would be very appealing the growing yoga community and meet a budget for fundraising goals to support the ongoing efforts of SMY. We collaborated to select apparel options and screen printing based on their guidelines. We made some additional suggestions to provide a balance of quality and value. The intent was to streamline the process creating a range of pieces for participants to select from while achieving consistency with their brand. Additional resources in 2016 allowed us to build on the vision which ignited excitement for everyone. The apparel and merch offerings were well received and hit the mark with brand strategy and fundraising. The SMY Leadership team is pleased with the streamlined process and growth strategy. Moving forward they are now achieving the consistency desired by facilitating the process with the right apparel, products, design and logo reproduction.

Case study 2


Valor Collegiate Academy is a very successful new charter school that launched their brand with a very clear vision of the future. Theirs is a course of growth and clarity about who they are, what they do and how they do it. Like many other start up organizations they set out to promote their brand with various products and apparel with a key team member taking ownership of the process. During their first year this was manageable enough and the result was positive. However, they have more than tripled in size and the process was becoming burdensome for a team member that has multiple other responsibilities more specifically related to their core focus. By outsourcing the process to NB they have been able to simply communicate their vision with products and apparel and eliminate responsibility of having to do all the legwork and ordering. They get the same pricing and now have a very personalized service that allows them to be selective and easily get samples of new products when needed. Rather than a single team member trying to generate ideas for new offerings, they can count on the expertise of NB to give them fresh ideas and options. Utilizing NB for this process supports their desire for consistency with the apparel and various products used to promote their brand.

Another key element of success with this client is that we have been able to streamline the ordering and selection process for staff, teachers, volunteers, students and families. NB is working with Valor Collegiate Academy to help them develop the fundraising aspect of certain apparel and product offerings. This is a great way for any school or not-for-profit organization to develop a successful brand promotion strategy and gain access to much needed funds. We are excited to be helping with these opportunities.

Case study 3


Paddle Adventures Unlimited represents a unique opportunity in outdoor recreation space specific to paddle sports. We love the great outdoors and working with like-minded people. This grass-roots group has a loyal following and has grown to nearly 4,000 members over the past few years with a strong group leader. They could have established their brand more than a year ago, but with an all-volunteer crew, they had not attempted it yet. Their signature Paddlefest event takes place at the beginning of the paddling season and has grown to be known as one of the best in the region with many outfitters, businesses, company reps, and paddle sport enthusiasts. Having been involved as a volunteer it was clear to me there was an opportunity for this group to establish a brand and potentially raise funds for operational costs, events and trips. This was particularly fun because it was coalescing at the concept level during the anticipation of the coming season with the potential for a breakout year with the event. We worked with the group leader to convert concept to logo and select some solid choices with apparel decal options. The logo was also added to the website and social media outlets. The members had an appetite for engagement with the new brand image and the items were a big hit at their largest Paddlefest event to date. We will continue to work with the unique challenges of an all-volunteer organization and develop additional outlets for them to market their branded products and new ways to strengthen the brand internally. This was a fun project and we look forward to doing more like this when the opportunity arises.